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HITCloud provides home automation design, installation and management including networking, home theater, lighting controls and security cameras for select clients to ensure a fully cohesive solution for homes. Whether building a new home or requiring support for an existing home, HITCloud has the expertise needed to ensure in-home technology is highly functional, secure and seamless. Our unique service offering ensures technology operates in the home with minimal disruption through leading edge communications design and installation. We then reinforce our services with quick response to any issues. Additionally, our Technology Concierge services provide support, training and repair for your electronics including computers, smartphones and gaming consoles. As a HITCloud client you can finally focus on simply enjoying the technology in your home.
HITCloud’s team is specially selected for their significant experience supporting the unique needs of our high profile clients. Our home support services are provided through annual agreements and are tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients.

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Picture about the company

Technology Concierge

Your Technology Concierge removes the complexity from technology by managing it for you. From personal email to mobile devices; from computers to in-home technology; even ensuring security of your social media accounts - your Technology Concierge manages it all and is your single point of contact for making sure all your technology works seamlessly.
Managing ever-changing technology is expensive and time consuming. HITCloud removes these burdens through our concierge-like service, simplifying your technology whether you are at your home, office or on the road. Your Technology Concierge ensures mobile devices work wherever you travel and information is accessible when you need it. They ensure computers are current and reliable.
Privacy of your personal information is critical. Smartphones, computers, networks and contact lists are frequently compromised by the media, hackers, and often by someone lucky enough to find an unprotected smartphone. Credit card or other sensitive information is stolen from computers and phones. HITCloud protects your information and technology and shuts out unwanted intruders. We do these two things quietly, efficiently and cost-effectively.