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Piece of Mind

First and foremost, HITCloud’s business is delivering peace of mind to our clients. We enable our clients to focus on productivity and enjoyment of their always on technology and leave the complexity, vulnerability and many other technology challenges to us.
HITCloud manages all the information and communication needs of our clients including technology in homes and offices. Additionally we provide secure hosted email services supporting all platforms and mobile devices. Our Technology Concierges work directly with our clients delivering white glove, concierge like service to ensure technology works seamlessly at all times.

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Technology Concierge

Your Technology Concierge removes the complexity from technology by managing it for you. From personal email to mobile devices; from computers to in-home technology; even ensuring security of your social media accounts - your Technology Concierge manages it all and is your single point of contact for making sure all your technology works seamlessly.
Managing ever-changing technology is expensive and time consuming. HITCloud removes these burdens through our concierge-like service, simplifying your technology whether you are at your home, office or on the road. Your Technology Concierge ensures mobile devices work wherever you travel and information is accessible when you need it. They ensure computers are current and reliable.
Privacy of your personal information is critical. Smartphones, computers, networks and contact lists are frequently compromised by the media, hackers, and often by someone lucky enough to find an unprotected smartphone. Credit card or other sensitive information is stolen from computers and phones. HITCloud protects your information and technology and shuts out unwanted intruders. We do these two things quietly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Virtual IT for Business

Legacy IT in businesses is fading. Disappearing are in-house servers supporting phones, applications and data -- all replaced by less expensive Cloud services. Gone is the in-house IT staff - replaced by virtual support. Even Tier-1 connectivity services (T1, fiber, etc., ) are being replaced with faster, less reliable broadband solutions despite a new dependency on uninterrupted access to the Cloud. Savings are often accompanied by increased risk to business operations when fragmented, poorly integrated Cloud based services are chosen on price rather than quality. Complacency with critical services and security is at risk of becoming the new standard.
HITCloud provides expertise and Private Cloud environment to deliver savings expected from moving your business to the Cloud. Whether you leverage HITCloud’s private email, mobile management, collaboration and/or VoIP solutions, or you have services with other Cloud providers, HITCloud manages your end to end IT strategy without risk to business continuity. With HITCloud’s Virtual IT, you get the experience and strength of enterprise class IT. We partner with your team to deliver and maintain the best in class technology solutions for your complete business needs.

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Professional Services

HITCloud stands ready to respond to the often complex, dynamic technology needs of our business and individual clients. With deep and wide business IT and technology experience we are the right team to partner with you to translate your needs into technology solutions. Often our clients simply need strong and motivated technicians to scale demanding, time sensitive obstacles. Regardless of your challenge, HITCloud will work with you and your team on planning, design, implementation and even the logistics behind meeting your challenges.

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Network & Systems Engineering

For individuals, families and businesses, whether at home or at the office, wireless networks have quickly become the Achilles' heel of most technology rich environments. Wireless communications deliver the freedom to move around freely, independent of wires and enables connectivity between computers, mobile devices, audio visual equipment and even climate control systems. Wireless communications also exposes its users to sporadic and even persistent connectivity issues very often defeating the very technology it is intended to connect. Significant investments in computers, mobile devices, home theatres, board room audio visual and everything else connected by wireless is lost by use of poorly designed and implemented wireless solutions. And, even when connectivity is reliable, too often that connectivity is secretly serving individuals who have little regard for your privacy or too much interest in your confidential business information due to vulnerabilities in consumer or poorly secured commercial access points.
Wireless is not the only weakness to home and business networks. Improperly configured and managed Internet routers and network switches are also responsible for both failure and vulnerabilityto your systems and information. At HITCloud, we seek out the best in technology solutions and partner with the manufacturers to ensure your investment in technology is reliable and safe.

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DATA Recovery Sevices

HITCloud assists with all DATA recovery needs regardless on mobile devices, hard drives and storage devices. Whether we recover the DATA completely in-house as with the iPhone in the image to the left, or we use a 3rd party services, HITCloud works diligently to ensure both the safety and privacy of your data.

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